Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DIY Knotty Spider Cat Toys

Hellow Kitty Cat Friends,

One of the things I'm always trying to brainstorm is affordable and easy to make cat toy ideas, especially for the shelter. It's easy to buy some toys for your own cats, but when you're having to entertain 60+ cats in a shelter cat toys you buy can get expensive. Also, many DIY cat toys are time-consuming, supplies are too costly, or they're not practical for cats in a shelter. I came across this Knotty Spider cat toy video by Friskies and thought these would be great to make for shelter cats as well as your own cats at home. I did adapt the directions and supplies a bit as plastic milk jug rings used in the video are not as easy to accumulate if you're making a ton of these shelter cats. I also am using wider felt strips to save time so you're able to make more at a faster pace.
What You'll Need:
- 6-inch pipe cleaners or 12-inch pipe cleaners cut in half
- Soft felt squares, felt sheets, or fleece
- Scissors
- Dry catnip or catnip spray

Step 1:
Create a circle with the pipe cleaner by twisting the ends onto each other making sure any sharp pieces are tucked under and not sticking out.  It doesn't need to be a perfect circle as you'll be covering it with felt anyways.

Step 2:
Cut felt or fleece into approx. 6in x 1in strips. They don't have to be precise you can eyeball it.

Step 3:
Tie and double knot each felt strip around the pipe cleaner circle.
Step 4:
Continue to tie and double knot felt strips around the pipe cleaner circle until no visible pipe cleaner is showing.
Step 5:
Sprinkle some dried catnip or spritz with catnip spray.
Step 6:
Give to cat to play with.
The use of the pipe cleaners and the wider felt strips allow for you to make an endless amount of these. Pipe cleaners are really affordable and easy to buy in bulk and the wider cut strips will save you on time. If you're just making these for your own cats feel free to follow the Friskies video instructions.

These are really fun and easy to make. I like to turn on Netflix and make these as I watch my favorite TV shows. You can get creative with these and do different color schemes or whatever floats your boat!

That's all for meow 😻,

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  1. Those are super cute! I've recently learned to crochet, and I've been toying with the idea of making some crocheted toys for my kitties!